Austin Griffith: The Quadratic Freelancer Onboarding Thousands of Developers

Austin Griffith was selected in Round 3 by the community as one of the top grantees and was then dubbed by Vitalik "The Quadratic Freelancer." By then, he had already been making his code and tutorials public and had developed applications such as Burner Wallet to make it easier for people to get into crypto.

Austin found validation in the hundreds of people who showed appreciation for his work. As he said, “Something that I’m building is resonating, and people are using it and digging the work. So it’s like, I gotta keep doing that.”

Austin Griffith teaching developers how to Speed Run Ethereum

"As one of the first quadratic freelancers to go through the platform, my grant enabled me to leave my job and build open-source tutorials and prototypes for the open internet. Super excited to see quadratic funding continue to help high-leverage outliers find their place in our ecosystem."

Austin Griffith

Austin has gone on to bring thousands of developers into the Ethereum Ecosystem and provide them with the tools and education they need to succeed. Some of his most impressive projects include:


raised on Gitcoin


joined Gitcoin Grants (round 1)



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