Tornado Cash: Programming Financial Privacy

Tornado Cash is a powerful tool for financial privacy, enabling over $7 billion worth of private transactions on the Ethereum network. People around the world have used Tornado's anonymizing service to support political causes, contribute to relief efforts, or simply keep their spending habits private.

With Tornado's smart contract mixer, users can transact without revealing their wallet addresses, making it difficult for anyone to trace their financial activity. This is especially important for those living in countries with repressive governments, where financial freedom is a scarce commodity. It has also been used to donate to Ukrainian relief efforts without Russian interference or retaliation.

Screenshot of the Tornado Cash Interface

During Round 4 in 2019, the Gitcoin community selected Tornado Cash as the #1 technology grant, funding them over $30k for the quarter. This selection demonstrated the importance of financial privacy to the Ethereum community and the critical importance of Tornado Cash's mixing work.

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